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Rambling Ranger

Words that Stay

Scott Woodard
I am potential personified. I hope to be more, kinetic human. But rather write what I regret I was, or wax wishfully on what I long to be, I will state what I am. I am what I love, not what loves me.
1970's horror comics, afterlife, alan moore, alternative rock, anthologies, art, art history, astrology, astrophysics, bad poetry, berlioz, big love, brian lumley, buckaroo banzai, c.s. lewis, cartooning, children's stories, china mieville, christmas, christopher lee, classical music, combat choreography, comics, community theatre, costumes, cryptozoology, danny elfman, dario argento, death, doc savage, doctor phibes rises again, doctor strange, doctor who, dyscalculia, enya, erotic art, exotica, fantasy, figure drawing, film, fin de sciel, flash gordon, folklore, foo fighters, garbage, godzilla, grindhouse movies, gustav klimt, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, hammer glamor, hammer studios, herculoids, history, horror, humor, illustration, indiana jones, j.k. rowling, j.s. bach, james bond, jeff long, john williams, jrr tolkien, kaiju, kama sutra snowmen, l. frank baum, lawrence of arabia, lewis carrol, lighting design, lord of the rings, love, magic, marine biology, monty python's flying circus, mysticism, mythology, neil gaiman, ninjas, norman lindsay, nunsploitation, oilpaint, p.t. anderson, palanhuik, paleontology, parapsychology, particle physics, peter cushing, philosophy, pin-ups, pirates, play writing, poetry, politics, portishead, post impressionism, pulp magazines, quantum physics, queen, quotations, ray harryhausen, religion, retro-futurism, s&m, science-fiction, sculpture, sexy costumes, shakespeare, silver surfer, solomon kane, soroyama, spaced, squirrel nut zippers, stage directing, star wars, steampunk, sting, tears for fears, terry pratchet, the abominable doctor phibes, the matrix, the occult, the oz books, the police, the wicker man, theater, theater technology, theology, they might be giants, tiki, tori amos, van gogh, victoriana, video games, vincent price, wallace and gromit, weird fiction, writing